• Uncle Sams Mozzarella Fingers
  • Uncle Sams Hot Apple Pie
  • Uncle Sams Onion Rings

Value Meals price includes a burger, regular fries and regular fizzy drink

1 Choose your meal...      2 Choose your drink...     3 Regular or go Large

Hamburger Meal 5.60
Cheeseburger Meal 5.90
Chilliburger Meal 5.90
Allstar Burger Meal 6.20
Bacon Cheese Meal 6.70
Double Chilli ‘n’ Cheese 7.85
Our Biggest Meal 8.75
Veggie Burger Meal 5.90
Spicy Beanburger Meal 6.20
Chicken Bites Meal 6.20
Chicken Samwich Meal 6.35
Chicken Wrap Meal 6.50
Chicken El Fuego Meal 7.00
Chicken Bacon Cheese 7.40

Kids Meals price includes a kids burger, regular fries and kids fizzy drink

Kids Burger Meal 4.65   Kids Chicken Bites Meal 4.65